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How To Finally Write and Finish Your Transformational Book Even if You Think You Don't Have the Time to Write

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Imagine how it will feel to finally write your transformational book, and become a published author who is making a difference in the world. The award-winning strategies in this Action Guide will get you started! 

What this Action Guide will teach you!

If you want to know how to write and finish your Transformational Book even if you don't think you have the time to write, then this Action Guide will guide you step-by-step through how to make your dream of being a published author come true!

You will Discover How to ...

  • Finally get "unstuck" and finish that book you've had inside you for so long
  • Gain the clarity you need to write with ease and speed
  • Uncover your unique writing style and never again fear the blank page
  • Discover the four levels of transformation that ensure you'll gain and maintain momentum until you write the very last word

Come join thousands of authors who have already used the information in this Action Guide to write their books. It's tested. It's proven. It works. And it's yours for FREE.

About Christine Kloser

A Few Success Stories... 

Christine Kloser helps people turn their book writing dreams into reality. Her unique approach to author coaching delivers life-changing transformations for aspiring writers, their future readers, their businesses (if they have or want one) and ultimately, the world.  

With more than two decades of experience as a transformational facilitator, leader and coach, Christine’s keen intuition guides her in knowing exactly what clients need, typically long before they have any idea of the real issue that’s kept them stuck. 

Because of her vast experience, Christine has been blessed to work with amazing clients from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, trainers, retirees, advocates, psychotherapists, medical doctors, cancer survivors, wellness practitioners, community leaders, and more. To date, she’s trained nearly 70,000 aspiring authors from 127 countries (and counting). 

Many of her clients have gone on to become best-selling authors, sign traditional publishing contracts, and appear in major media including: CNBC, CBS, Time, Business Week, CNN, ABC, New York Times, Animal Planet, Fox & Friends, and more. They experience these successes as a result of participating in Christine’s most popular programs, Get Your Book Done®, Transformational Author Experience®, Breakthrough LIVE, and the My Time to Write™ community. 

  • "Christine showed me a step-by-step method for getting my book written and published in a way that would help me grow my business. Now that I wrote it, I’ve been featured on Fox & Friends, ABC NEWS NOW, New York Post and many more. It’s incredible to experience the difference writing my book has made."
  • Sheryl Matthys, Author of Leashes and Lovers - New York

  • "Christine's Action Guide gave me the guidance and direction to help me reach my desired goal of becoming a published author… and a best-selling one too! What a blessing to have discovered this proven method to help me write my book!"
  • Gail Saunders, Author of Resilient Heart - Greece

  • "Christine's method helped me make the progress I had struggled to make for year! Now, it’s easy to focus and write thousands of words at a time. I'm finally 100% confident my book will get done… and soon!” 
  • Lisa Dolce, Small Business Coach - Maryland

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  • Finish writing your book... even if you think you don't have the time to write.
  • Discover your unique writing style, so sitting down to write becomes easy, and enjoyable
  • Gain clarity on how you'll impact more lives as a published author.