Breakthrough 2017

ATTENTION! Transformational Authors 

The Breakthrough Event That Mission-Driven Transformational Authors Have Been Raving About For Years

October 16-18, 2017 York, Pennsylvania

Dream With Me For A Moment ...

Imagine you are confidently standing on a stage, your audience is filled with grateful readers of your book, and you are recognized and rewarded for sharing your message in the world. You feel blessed and excited to be fulfilling the mission you’re here to serve. You know at a deep level that you are making a difference in many lives. You are a movement maker!  

It all starts with feeling that “tap” on the shoulder. The one that awakens you to your purpose, and gives you a dream of becoming an author so you can impact lives and expand your message in ways you never thought possible. That tap is undeniable. It’s exciting. It's expansive. And… it can also bring some challenges and blocks along the way.  

Often the desire to write your book, serve your mission and make a difference in the world can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, confused or doubtful. Asking questions like, “Where do I begin? How do I start a movement? Who am I to do this?”  

Trust The "Nudge" To Write Your Book

Mission-driven transformational authors are the ones for whom, no matter how long it’s been since they were tapped to write a book and become a movement maker, the desire just won’t go away… even when the blocks surface.  

Wherever you are on your transformational author journey, you know there’s more in store for you, and more you want to do and bring to the world. And if you’re reading this, it means you’re ready for the breakthrough that will help you get there! That’s exactly what I want to give you this October…  

See What I’m Talking About ... Watch the Video Below 

What Will Your Breakthrough Be?

Since 2013, I’ve been providing authors and visionaries the ideal transformational environment to stand tall, claim their mission and experience the personal, spiritual, professional and/or creative breakthrough they need to move forward quickly, easily and powerfully with their message and their mission. And they do this while being cheered on by me and a like-minded community of courageous and powerful visionaries doing the same thing.  

The work is deep, and can be rigorous at times. Letting go of the blocks that have held you back, and claiming your worth and place as a leader isn’t always easy. But it is doable! And it’s worth it!!  

The challenge is learning how to work through these blocks quickly and consistently so you don’t get stuck. Too often, authors (both published and not yet published) allow the bumps along the way to keep them from fulfilling their mission and sharing their message. Some even consider procrastination or resistance as signs that they should give up on the dream. It’s heartbreaking - wouldn’t you agree?

“Christine has truly been my book midwife from conception to birth!” "Three years ago I had a nudge to write a book, but I had no idea what its content would be nor how to go about writing it. I started jotting down notes but felt very much in the dark. Then one morning an email with the subject line: Want to get your book done? appeared out of nowhere, and it felt to me like it was a God-send. I followed my intuition, signed up with Christine and stayed engaged in the process. Before the program even started I knew what the title of my book was, what my cover would look like and what my book was supposed to be about. Christine has truly been my book midwife from conception to birth! She's been there for me all along the way. Without her help my first book, Blossom, and my second book, Pleasure IQ, would not be here today. I am so, so grateful not only to have had the nuts and bolts support but the deeper soul guidance as well." -Carolin Hauser Author of Blossom

"I couldn't have written my book without Christine's Suppport."  

"Going through Christine’s program not only gave me the information I needed to structure my book and write it, but also provided some much needed emotional support through. The best part was having the opportunity to work with Christine in person at her live events. The breakthroughs she's helped me through were exactly what I needed. I couldn't have written my book without her support!"  

Now, I’m proud to say I'm a published author. Wine, Sex and Suicide – My Near Death Divorce, is ultimately a story of hope for anyone going through the dark night of the soul. I'm so grateful this dream has become real with Christine's help."  

- Patty Blue Hayes Author of Wine, Sex and Suicide 

"I had no idea how heavy it was to carry my unshared message until it was unfurled into the world."

"Attending Christinie's Breakthrough Event was the catalyst that not only helped me write Resilient Heart (as you see in the photo) but also heled me become a coauthor in Pebbles in the Pond (Wave III). Both have become #1 international bestsellers leaving me humbled and proud. This means that my words are getting into the hands and hearts of those I have longed to touch with healing and hope.  

 I had no idea how heavy it was to carry my unshared message until I cam to Breakthrough and it was unfurled into the world. At sixty-six I am excited and in perhaps the most thrilling chapter of my life!"  

-Gail Saunders Author of Resilient Heart  

If You Haven't Written Your Book Yet, You Might Be Tempted To... 

GIVE UP! One way authors try to solve this problem is to tell themselves it never really mattered in the first place - that “it’s okay” if they don’t write their book and share their message with others. But the danger in giving up too soon is constantly feeling that you disappointed yourself and the people you’re here to help.

FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH IT! Another way authors try to solve this challenge is to force their way through it. They push on, often alone, and their book and mission end up sucking the life out of them. The downside to forcing it is writing a crummy book that no one wants to read including you the author. As a result, it’ll never have the impact you hoped it would in the world. 

 I'm Christine Kloser, And I'm On A Mission...

I’m on a mission to end the blocks and struggle most authors and leaders face. I'm here to help transform the world, one person at a time by empowering authors and leaders to make their difference and become movement makers by writing, publishing and promoting their books!  

With clients in more than 135 countries, and hundreds of published authors around the world, my events and trainings are well recognized as some of the most leading-edge and deeply impactful work being done on behalf of authors.  

But I don’t only coach authors; I am also an award-winning and best-selling author myself with a dozen titles to my credit over the past 13 years. I personally know what it takes to fulfill your mission as an author!  

Impact People With Your Words

Words transform people. Since man could write, people have been impacted by books written by Plato, Shakespeare, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, etc.  

The impact these authors have had, and the movements they created would not exist if they didn’t have a book that boldly shared their wisdom, and empowered people to embrace new ideas and a new way of being.  

Based on my experience helping Mission-Driven Transformational Authors, I know that - just like it was for these well-known authors - your book already exists within you. Every chapter. Every idea. Every word. (Just like Michelangelo’s David existed inside his chunk of marble.)  

However, without the right structure, support and guidance, your book and mission can get blocked by things like doubt, confusion, fear, overwhelm and frustration. And, too often, hopeful authors let this stop them.  

Instead of diving deeper, they submit to confusion as a real and insurmountable issue. Rather than surrendering to the process, they give up under the overwhelm. Instead of remembering who they really are, they believe the voices of doubt. Instead of continuing to keep trying, they give up on their dream.  

Therefore, when I work with clients, it’s not about placating surface symptoms. That, in my opinion, is a disservice to the author and the mission they’re here to serve.  

My unique approach is based on 20 years of experience knowing exactly the right question to ask and precisely when to ask it, and exactly when to be silent, when to “push” someone, and when to lighten up. For 20 years I’ve been using these skills to bring forth life-lasting transformations - and finished books - for mission-driven clients… going beneath the surface to ensure they get the breakthrough they need to write their book, grow their business and fulfill their mission.

“I am so grateful to Christine for everything I have learned through her Breakthrough Event, and programs.

"After publishing four books on my own, I decided to work with Christine for Book #5, It’s Simply Serendipity: Four Steps to Manifesting a Life of Bliss. I am so grateful to Christine and her amazing author support team for everything I have learned through her life-changing Breakthrough Event, and her Get Your Book Done program. It kept me focused, confident and on track yet allowed me the freedom to pursue writing at my own pace. I loved that! I’m also grateful for the amazing support of the new family and friends I got to meet at the Breakthrough Event. I'll be using this program to write all of my books from here on."  

- Cali Gilbert Author of 5 books including It's Simply Serendipity

Join Me And A Like-Minded Community Of Mission-Driven Transformational Authors

If you’ve ever felt stuck or have struggled on your author journey, yet you KNOW you are here for a bigger reason - and getting your book out in the world is part of that mission - my live 3-day Breakthrough Event is a must-attend.  

Here are a few of the results you can expect when you join me in person:

  • Name and claim your mission for your book, and your business
  • Gain practical and transformational tools to make rapid progress  
  • Release the block(s) that keep you from writing and/or promoting your book  
  • Learn how to get your words to flow freely and quickly  
  • Gain confidence and clarity in your writing (and promoting)  
  • Leverage your natural strengths to become a movement maker  
  • Take action steps to keep the momentum going when you get home  
  • And so much more!  

I promise you an EXPERIENCE that’s unlike any other author training on the planet. Where you’ll get the exact “A-ha!” you need to fulfill your exciting mission as a transformational author.  

Breakthrough 2017 October 16-18 York, Pennsylvania  

Space is Limited! The Breakthrough Event is happening at the Heritage Hills Resort in my hometown of York, Pennsylvania. And space is LIMITED to ensure a powerful and personal experience for all who attend!  

This event happens only ONCE A YEAR, so this is your time-sensitive invitation to join me before space runs out. I’d hate for you to miss it and wait another year to make progress with your book and your book-based mission in the world.  

Here Are Few Of The Most Common Questions I Hear At This Point... 

Q) What makes this different from other events out there? A) This event is 100% experiential and transformational. No powerpoint. No salesy guest speakers. No monologue from the stage. The entire event is an interactive experience between me as your coach, you, and the other attendees in the room. The “A-ha’s!” and learning integrate at a much deeper level when you “get it” in your mind, body, and being. Nobody gets their big breakthrough by being talked at! So I don’t talk at you… we engage in a life-changing, three-day interactive experience to ensure you get the breakthrough you need!  

Q) How many people attend? A) Attendance at The Breakthrough Experience will be between 50 and 150 people. It’s capped at 150 to ensure the best experience for all who attend.  

Q) What if I haven't written anything yet? Can I Still attend? Yes, absolutely you can attend. There's no need to have a certain amount of your book written in order to benefit tremendously from the event. It is designed so no matter where you are with your book (not started, in progress, or already published) you will get exactly what YOU need for your next step in writing your book, and fulilling your mission as a transformational author.

Q) Are there special hotel rates? A) As soon as you register you’ll be directed to a page that has our special hotel discount code (only $129, and that includes breakfast).  

By Now You May Be Asking About The Price…  

In the past, I’ve charged as much as $5,000 to attend one of my transformational three-day events. But as you read above, I am on a MISSION to serve the transformational authors and movement makers of the world. And I realize that ticket price could be cost-prohibitive for some, if not many.  

So I’ve made the investment only $1,197. This gives you a more budget-friendly option to attend The Breakthrough Event! Pricing it like this also ensures I can deliver the highest quality event without having to pack hundreds of people into the room, diminishing your ability to get what you personally came for. The intimacy of this event is what makes it so powerful for each and every person who attends! 

Here’s a summary of what you get…  

  • Full three-day Breakthrough Event 
  • Direct coaching and facilitation by me, Christine, and my author support team (no outside speakers) 
  • All event materials (and a few surprises) 
  • Special discounted hotel rate (includes breakfast) 
  • Three powerful networking lunches every day of the event - with a gourmet buffet to meet all dietary needs 
  • A community of like-minded, supportive people – some of whom may become new best friends 
  • “Behind the curtain” VIP fireside chat in my private suite (when you register by August 31st) 
  • And more!  

Our Peace of Mind Promise 

I realize the decision to attend The Breakthrough Event is a big one. After all, we’re talking about your book and your mission and it means a lot! So I want to give you my Peace of Mind Promise. And that is… you get what you came for, or we’ll make it right!  

I can make a promise like this based on 100% satisfaction from previous attendees. For 20 years I’ve never had anyone ask for an event refund, or leave one of my events feeling like they didn’t receive more than what they came for. I promise to deliver the same to you! This level of attendee satisfaction is unheard of in the industry, so this promise alone can help you rest assured that The Breakthrough Event isn’t some run-of-the-mill event, and delivers even more than what you hope for.

YES! I'm ready for my Breakthrough Experience! Sign me up...  

  • Full three-day Breakthrough Event 
  • Direct coaching and facilitation by Christine, and her author support team (no outside speakers)  
  • All event materials (and a few surprises)  
  • Special discounted hotel rate (includes breakfast)  
  • Three powerful networking lunches every day of the event - with a gourmet buffet to meet all dietary needs  
  • A community of like-minded, supportive people – some of whom may become new best friends  
  • And more!  

When it comes to your book, and your life for that matter, none of us is guaranteed “tomorrow.” Writing your book and fulfilling your mission as a transformational author is too important to put on the back burner. So if you’re sitting back and thinking this can wait … please ask yourself what benefit would come from waiting.  

If you have any questions, or need to talk with someone before making this decision, email or call (800) 930-3713, or click the chat button on the bottom right of this page. We’re here to help!  

I hope to see you in October!  



Here's What People Are Saying About Breakthrough...

"I found my place of courage and strength" ~ Lori Andrus

"Christine is Magical" ~ Mary Jo Briggs

"It's the most authentic experience that I've had at a conference!" ~ Zemirah Jazeierska

"It wasn’t about the logistics – it was about the inner journey." ~ Ron Coquia

"I published my book less than 6 months after working with Christine, and the Kindle version was a #1 Bestseller on!" 

"Christine's coaching was truly instrumental in keeping me focused and on target throughout the year with one goal in mind. Publishing! Writing the book was only one part of the process. I not only needed emoional support, but also tools and resources to see the project through to completion. I published my book less than 6 months after meeting and working with Christine, and the Kindle version was a #1 Bestseller on! This journey has indeed been amazing!"

-Dorothy Ward Author of Restoration: A Transformational Journey 

"I got my book published with Career Press, which was beyond my wildest dreams. And it all started with Christine." 

"Workig with Christine Kloser gave me much needed support on how to do everything to start and finish the book I'd wanted to write for years. Her programs cover it all, from identifying your ideal reader, writing stellar back cover copy, and creating an outline... to getting a book URL, picking titles and actually committing to writing and counting the words. I loved it all!  

The suppport I got in working with Christine helped me land a top literary agent in the transformational space. As a result, I got my book published with Career Press, which was beyond my wildest dreams. And it all started here with Christine."

-Lisa Barnett Author of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records, and From Questioning to Knowing